Our LED Photobioreactor Microalgae Technology

State-of-the-art Photobioreactor microalgae for Bio-green Chemicals

Optimized energy transfer is the key to decarbonate via industrial photosynthesis.

Our photobioreactor microalgae technology optimizes the efficiency and costs of transmitting photonic energy from LEDs directly inside the growing broth.

As a result our clients obtain highest  daily productivities for bio green chemicals, competitive production costs and constant quality.

photo bioreactor
photobioreactor microalgae

Collaborations with best-in-class Biotechnology Research

Quality is what our clients look for.

This is why we work with ZHAW, to our knowledge the best qualified Swiss laboratories for optimizing industrial production processes of green/bio chemicals from micro-algae


Productivity and constant quality: key benefits for our clients

  • Energy transfer inside the photobioreactor drives daily productivity, quality and production costs. This is NeoCarbons’ proprietary knowledge
  • Reach over  10x g/l concentration, tested on major microalgae strains including cyanobacteria
  • Significantly higher production of high value-added bio chemicals (proteins, pigments, fine chemicals and precursors)
  • CPU controlled  process for industrially compatible high through- put continuous operations
  • Compatible with chemical and thermal sterilization process

You Need To Decarbonate?

You are an industrial company looking for a partnership to decarbonate entrants, processes and/or end-products, an investor motivated by the climate & food transitions, a laboratory or a start-up in this industry?

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